Custodians of Beauty

Tues March 27 | 17:00 | Plovdiv Drama Theater, Main Stage

“In CUSTODIANS OF BEAUTY, my latest work with Palissimo Company, I am forging towards abstraction, minimalism, and restrained expressive modes while amplifying potency of an image; human body as sculpture, emotional trigger, or a political symbol. The title of the work is a sardonic nod to Pope Benedict XVI’s appeal to 250 artists in 2009 as diverse as Cees Nooteboom and Zaha Hadid, calling them ‘custodians of beauty.’ Susan Sontag defended beauty in her essay An Argument About Beauty and defined it as “gladness to the senses.” Custodians evokes beauty as a concept that speaks to both change and permanence; beauty that can seduce, that is at the edge of terror; beauty that can transform us. The work indirectly ponders questions of the place of beauty in art and in life, and the role of perception in our definitions of beauty. For decades, various arguments have been put forward against beauty. Where do we find beauty today and does it need our defense?” –Pavel Zuštiak

DURATION 90 minutes


PERFORMANCE Nicholas Bruder, Emma Judkins, Justin Morrison

MUSIC Christian Frederickson LIGHTING DESIGN Joe Levasseur SET AND VIDEO DESIGN Simon Harding COSTUME DESIGN Ásta Bennie Hostetter DRAMATURGY Megan Carter TEXT Alexandra Collier


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