Improvisation Class, led by Tahni Holt

Sun Mar 25 | 11:00-13:00 |Dance Station, 4th floor of House of Culture

Open to the public, but registration is required by contacting

The wild body; the sensitive body; the sensuous body; the breathing body; the listening body; the reptilian body; the body intimate. The body that extends beyond the membrane of skin; the body with energetic presence.

In this workshop we practice being together (not in consensus), in tenderness.

We use sensations and disorientation to challenge our behavioral norms. We are highly sensitized to how we move, how we see, how we feel. This workshop proposes to disorient our specific strategies of knowing to allow for the unknown, the mystery and magic to guide us to wherever we show up.

Through rigorous physical expressions, somatic practices, sensorial exercises – including extensive touch ­– we awaken our potential body. The shape-shifting body tethered to possibilities.


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