Other Myths

Sun Mar 25 | 16:00 | Boris Hristov House of Culture, Plaza (Open Space)

When OTHER MYTHS premiered in May 2014 in Hungary under a prestigious commission from the Ludwig Múzeum in the Palace of Arts in Budapest, Bokaer selected five dancers from Eastern European nations to challenge right-wing governmental prejudice and austerity in the region. At the start of the creation, each of the performers provided Bokaer with a chosen Carpathian Myth from their country, which he interpreted, structured, and choreographed, weaving them into a single work to be staged in bare, unaffected visual exhibition spaces. The music provided by Soundwalk Collective offers field recordings from the Black Sea in many languages. There is no set, and the lighting is the natural filtering of sunlight through each venue’s existing architecture.

DURATION 45 minutes

CHOREOGRAPHY Jonah Bokaer MUSIC Soundwalk Collective
PERFORMERS Zoltan Greco, Evin Hadžialjević, Katharina Illnar, Szabolcs Pataki, Karolina Susa

CONTACT FOR MEDIA Laure Dubois communications@jonahbokaer.net

Performance is FREE and open to the public; tickets not required

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