Salsa Rueda Class, led by CONTRA-TIEMPO

Tues Mar 27 | 14:00-15:00 |Dance Station, 4th floor of House of Culture

This session is open only to SPOTLIGHT: USA delegates and artists. Register for the class by contacting

Salsa Rueda is a mixed level workshop for participants who are interested in learning the basic fundamentals of Salsa Rueda (also more commonly called Casino Rueda), which is a Cuban circle dance where partners are changed and traded. In this workshop, participants engage in a series of movement call and response exercises. In these beginning exercises, our teaching artists introduce the clave (the rhythmic basis of Salsa), body isolations and polyrhythmic timing. They also learn los pasos (footwork), las figuras (partnering patterns) and las llamadas (the calls of the Casino Rueda). Students are expected to change partners frequently. This builds versatility in the style as well as creates a supportive and comfortable environment in which to learn, question, mess-up, understand and grow!  CONTRA-TIEMPO will also explore the context in which the forms (more specifically Salsa) originated and continuously grow and change to this day-historically, socially and politically.

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