The Backyard

Mon Mar 26 | 15:30 | Plovdiv Drama Theater, Small Stage (Black Box)

THE BACKYARD is a performance that proposes a hyper-conscious inhabiting of time, space and relationship, a radical invitation for intimacy and embodiment. The improvised movement score for this 45-minute duet was created during a residency at Mad Brook Farm with Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton, placing their work PA RT (1978- 2002) at the center of the research. Robert Ashley’s music, Private Parts, provides a scaffolding for exploration, cultivating a landscape of deep listening and rigorous attention. THE BACKYARD is thus a palimpsest of Paxton/Nelson’s PA RT—an effaced manuscript, written over, but still bearing traces of its original form.

FIDGET is a platform for the collaborative work of Megan Bridge (choreographer) and Peter Price (composer/video artist), who bring in additional ensemble members depending on the needs of each project.

DURATION 45 minutes

CREATION AND PERFORMANCE Megan Bridge and Beau Hancock

MUSIC Private Parts (1978), by Robert Ashley. Used with permission from Lovely Music and Visibility Music Publishers.

CONTACT FOR MEDIA Megan Bridge +1 267 679 4166

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